Pharmaceutical Heat Transfer Fluids

Different sectors often demand industry specific lubrication solutions for the critical processes involved, and this also applies to those working in the field of pharmaceuticals. Leading industrial and commercial lubricant manufacturers like Paratherm have developed advanced heat transfer fluids designed specifically for use in sensitive pharmaceutical processes which offer numerous advantages over more traditional fluids.

Paratherm’s pharmaceutical heat transfer fluids are designed for both specialised high and low temperature isolation techniques used in the industry along with many other unit operations. The original low temperature fluids developed by the specialist team at Paratherm are now widely used in the pharmaceutical sector to the benefit of many operations.

These state-of-the-art heat transfer fluids are often selected as they represent a low maintenance alternative to employing silicones and glycols while offering greater levels of efficiency. USP grade fluids are also provided by Paratherm that are especially suited to the most sensitive technique of pharmaceutical processing.

If you require pharmaceutical heat transfer fluids like those formulated by Paratherm for your facility you can always rely on us here at Oil Store. Browse our list of available fluids below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more product information.