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Oil Store is proud to be an official distributor of CPI Fluid Engineering and its specialist lubricant brands including CPI, Emkarate®, Icematic® & Solest® for the UK marketplace.

CPI - Enhance Modern Life Through Fluid Technology

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CPI, a Division of The Lubrizol Corporation, has developed a comprehensive range of world class specialist compressor lubricants for applications such as Air Compressors, Refrigeration & Freezing, and Speciality Gas Processing. They also produce a range of engineered solutions for industrial applications including gears, hydraulics, chains, vacuum pumps and thermal systems.


The only name you need to know in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Emkarate® RL polyolester (POE) lubricants have been specially formulated for use in HFC systems and boast OEM approvals across different industries including: Commercial, Residential & Transport Air Conditioning; Appliance; Automotive; Aftermarket; and Large Industrial Systems.


Your Low GWP (global warming potential) Partner. The Icematic® brand of refrigeration compressor lubricants represent CPI's commitment to meet the requirements of both transitional (Icematic® NXG Series), and long-term (Icematic® ECO) sustainable low GWP refrigerants.


CPI Fluid Engineering's renowned brand of polyolester (POE) lubricants, Solest®, is specially formulated for optimal performance in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor systems that utilise HFC refrigerants. Solest® is also a superior choice in systems using HFCF and HFO refrigerants.

CPI Fluid Engineering is your Low GWP Navigation Partner

Cutting-edge lubricant technology

Designed for refrigeration systems with lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.

Better Performing Lubricants for Ammonia Systems

Ensuring optimal performance

Engineered for maximum efficiency and reliable operation in ammonia (NH3) refrigeration systems.

Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Lubricants
CO2 Gas

Icematic ECO® for CO2 Systems

These lubricants offer reliable safeguarding against wear on steel and aluminum surfaces.

HFO & HFO Blends
HFO & HFO Blend Refrigeration Lubricants

Offering Lower GWP Impacts

HFO's break down more easily in the environment, have good thermal stability and material compatibility.

Hydrocarbon Refrigeration Lubricants
ice cream

Icematic ECO® for Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbon refrigerants offer very low GWP in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor systems.

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Enhance Modern Life Through Fluid Engineering

CPI Air Compressor Fluids are tailored to diverse needs and challenges with specialist products available for different equipment and uses. Their air compressor lubricants are purpose-built for flooded rotary screw, reciprocating, rotary vane, and centrifugal compressors. Engineered to withstand high speeds, temperatures, and lengthy drain intervals, these products ensure lasting compressor operation, boasting water separation, thermal stability, rust protection, wear resistance, and low volatility.

CPI Fluid Engineering is a major worldwide provider of refrigeration and air conditioning lubricants. Their expansive range of products is specifically designed for residential, commercial, and industrial refrigeration, alongside residential, automotive and commercial air conditioning systems. They offer lubricants for all types of refrigerant gas including HFCs & HCFCs, and low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants such as Carbon Dioxide HFO/HFO blends, other Hydrocarbons, and Ammonia.

CPI's range of speciality gas compressor lubricants provides a comprehensive selection of chemical formulations to fulfil your application requirements and provide optimal performance of your equipment. With Mineral, POA, PAG & PEG base oil technologies, this range of compressor lubricants is suitable for all types of hydrocarbon and process gas applications from field, storage, & transportation to processing & refinery. CPI offers speciality gas compressor lubricants for flooded rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.

This range of industrial lubricant solutions includes synthetic gearbox lubricants with exceptional thermal and oxidative stability, coupled with superior gear load-bearing capabilities. CPI Fluid Engineering also offers a range of hydraulic fluids and chain oils that deliver extended drain intervals, leading to reduced overall cost of ownership advantages. These products retain fluidity in cold conditions, and various grades are registered with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for potential food contact.

Food production facilities require many different "food-safe" lubricants for equipment such as hydraulics, air compressors, refrigeration units, gears, and chains. CPI offers NSF H1 & H2, Kosher and Halal-certified lubricants for applications involving potential incidental food contact and those that don’t come in direct contact with food. Additionally, this range includes products registered to the ISO 21469 standard, which addresses the entire manufacturing process from formulation and labelling, to risk assessment and analytical testing.

Vacuum pumps serve diverse industrial sectors including chemical & food processing, pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas, and each application demands specific vacuum pump performance. CPI's vacuum pump oil range encompasses rotary vane, rotary screw, liquid ring, and piston-type vacuum pumps and is engineered to provide low vapour pressures, oxidative stability, chemical inertness, minimal carryover, excellent demulsibility, and extended fluid life.

Air Compressr
Gas Compressor
Solest Brand Logo White
Lubricants that perform with today’s environmentally safe refrigerants
POE Lubricants for HFC Systems

CPI's range of polyol ester (POE) lubricants, branded as Solest®, is expertly formulated for applications in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor systems utilizing HFC refrigerants. Solest® is also a solid choice for systems employing HFCF and HFO refrigerant gases, provided specific operational conditions are met. This product range boasts exceptional chemical and thermal stability, good refrigerant miscibility, and incrased wear resistance. They're suitable for reciprocating, screw, rotary, scroll, and centrifugal compressors.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Lubricants

SOLEST® lubricants are formulated for the initial fill of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems, aswell as retrofitting of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment. Utilising CPI's lab research and OEM compressor bench tests, a product range tailored to vital system requirements has been developed. SOLEST® lubricants are non-hazardous and comply with 29 CFR 1910.1200. They outperform standard mineral oils in typical properties such as pour point, viscosity index, and flash point.

Emkarate Artwork
Emkarate® RL POE Refrigeration Lubricants
POE Refrigeration Lubricants

Emkarate® RL polyolester (POE) lubricants, manufactured by the world’s leading supplier of synthetic lubricants to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, CPI Fluid Engineering, are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of compressor types in systems using HFC refrigerants. They have OEM approvals across multiple industry segments including; appliances; large industrial systems; residential, commercial & transport air conditioning systems; automotive; and aftermarket applications.

The Number 1 Choice for HFC Systems

Every compressor system is designed with the lubricant's compatibility with the employed refrigerant in mind. In cases involving HFC refrigerants, conventional mineral oil lubricants are not suitable. The Emkarate® RL series of lubricants are uniquely formulated to deliver advantages over mineral oils including better system performance, excellent chemical & thermal stability, outstanding miscibility and improved physical properties such as flash and fire points, pour point, and viscosity index. The Emkarate® RL brand offers a comprehensive range of viscosities and provides reliability and high performance. At present, more compressor manufacturers endorse CPI compressor lubricants than any other manufacturer, confirming their high quality and performance.

Anti-Counterfeit Protection

CPI Fluid Engineering, in collaboration with De La Rue and their authentication technology, provides brand certainty via distinctive anti-counterfeit packaging components. CPI employs Izon® label technology, allowing customers to verify their purchase of authentic Emkarate® RL products. The consequences of using counterfeit lubricants can result in system failure, a reduction of compressor life, poor oil return, reduced heat transfer, and high levels of wear and friction. Whereas using official Emkarate® products provides greater lubricity, superior wear protection, improved energy efficiency, and excellent low-temperature performance.

A Trusted Refrigeration Partner
Over a billion compressors across the world have been trusted with Emkarate® OEM approved refrigeration lubricants.
Icematic Brand Symbol Southern Lights with Icematic name
Icematic® Low GWP Refrigeration Lubricants

The Icematic® NXG series has been developed for use with the latest transitional refrigerant gases. These lubricant solutions are particularly well-suited for operations which employ refrigerants that present reduced Global Warming Potential impacts. Next-gen refrigerant gases like R-32, R-448A, R-452A, and R-513A amongst others, offer lower GWP alternatives to diminish impact on the environment.

CPI provides a variety of series within the NXG product range to fulfil your requirements. Lowering the environmental impact and emissions from compressor systems can be achieved by utilising refrigerants with lower GWP which constitutes a significant stride towards sustainability. CPI understands the intricacies associated with transitioning between refrigerants and their expert team can support your operation and technical team to streamline the process and expedite the transition.

Series Name

NXG 3000

NXG 3100

NXG 5000


HFO blends replacing R-404A and R-410A

HFO blends replacing R-404A and R-410A; R-744

R-32 and HFO blends replacing R-410A and R-404A

The Icematic® ECO series has been engineered for long-term sustainable low GWP applications. The ECO series provides optimal performance, efficiency and reliability to attain the lowest direct and indirect GWP impacts. HFO refrigerant blends like R-1234yf and R-1234ze(E) exhibit GWP values that fall within the single digits or even lower. Natural refrigerants like Isobutane, Propane, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide, possess minimal GWP values or even register at zero.

Opting for these HFO blends or choosing a natural refrigerant presents plenty of environmental advantages, however, they do create some safety concerns. The ECO product series is developed to work with long-term sustainable refrigerants, delivering optimal benefits for compressor systems. These lubricant solutions reiterate CPI's commitment to low GWP refrigerant choices.

Series Name

ECO 1600

ECO 2000

ECO 4000

ECO 7000

ECO 8000*


R-290; R-717; R-1270


R-717; R-744; R-1270

R-290; R-600a

R-1234ze(E); HFO blends replacing R-134a

*In Development

Product Brochures
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Air Compressor Lubricants


Ammonia Refrigeration

Food Grade

Food Grade Lubricants

Speciality Gas Processing

Speciality Gas Lubricants

Emkarate Polar Bear

Emkarate-RL Series

Icematic Penguin

Icematic Low GWP Series


Solest POE Series

For more information on the range of products available from CPI, including the Emkarate-RL®, Icematic®, and Solest® brands, click on the links above to download the product brochure. If you'd like to discuss anything in more detail,

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