Meat Poultry

Meat & Poultry Heat Transfer Fluids

Different sectors often require highly specialised oils and fluids to complete core processes safely and ensure equipment runs smoothly, and this includes the food processing industry. An industry leader, Paratherm offers NSF HT-1 meat and poultry heat transfer fluids providing five different food grade heat transfer fluids, including the original product it pioneered known as Paratherm NF.

High-quality heat transfer fluids formulated by Paratherm are used widely in a varied range of meat and poultry processing applications. These include freezers, high-volume ovens, belt grills, kettles and continuous fryers. Paratherm products are recognised in the food sector for being the industry standard required for food additive processing and poultry and meat processing.

Food grade heat transfer oils from Paratherm have been the sector’s heating technology choice for multiple decades and minimise operational downtime for poultry and meat further processors via a combination of proactive and preventative maintenance contact and regular fluid analysis services.

If your operation needs meat & poultry heat transfer fluids like the products developed by Paratherm, you can trust our knowledgeable team at Oil Store. Browse our products listed below or get in contact now for additional information on specific fluids that you need.