Chemical Processing Heat Transfer Fluids

Different sectors often require industry-specific oils and fluids to ensure the equipment they use remains protected and running at optimum with no loss to productivity, and for those working in chemical processing, this remains true. Leading manufacturers of lubricants like Paratherm have engineered chemical processing heat transfer fluids that are specially formulated to serve the needs of enterprises operating in this industry and the challenges they face.

Heat transfer fluids like those designed by Paratherm are suitable for used in an extensive range of key chemical manufacturing processes that require precision uniform cooling and heating. Examples of equipment applications include the heating and cooling of reboilers, chemical reactors, distillation towers, presses, platens, jacketed vessels, and autoclaves among others.

Built-for-purpose heat transfer oils are available for a wide range of different operational requirements. While single-fluid options for heating and cooling are offered, chemical processing fluids that are non-toxic and food-grade are available, as are non-glycol and non-aqueous fluids, non-sludging fluids and solutions with a high fire and flash point.

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