Biofuel Processing Heat Transfer Fluids

Specialised operations in the energy sector often require expertly formulated fluids and lubricants for the specific equipment used and processes undertaken onsite, and this includes biofuel processing plants. Expert lubrication manufacturers such as Paratherm produce biofuel processing heat transfer fluids that are engineered to answer a wide range of operational challenges faced by firms in this industry.

Specifically formulated heat transfer fluids are employed in the biofuel industry with the purpose of providing precise heating and cooling for biomass processing equipment. This highly specialised equipment is used in the production of bioethanol and biodiesel, as well as renewable hydrocarbons.

State-of-the-art heat transfer oils for biofuel processing equipment offer an extensive selection of sought-after characteristics. Food-grade heat transfer oils are entirely non-toxic, have no unpleasant odour and are easy to both recycle and dispose of. Also, unlike most hot oils, they have a high temperature capability to meet the demanding process of heating biofuels.

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