Plastics, Polymers & Textiles Heat Transfer Fluids

Different types of manufacturing firms require a wide range of specialist lubrication solutions and fluids to keep equipment running safely and smoothly to ensure key processes can be handled effectively. As a result, specialists in lubrication and fluids like the market leader Paratherm have engineered advanced heat transfer fluids designed for those manufacturing plastics, polymers, and textiles to facilitate optimum levels of efficiency.

Paratherm’s dedicated range of heat transfer fluids are employed in an extensive range of textile, plastic and polymer manufacturing processes. For instance, die casting equipment which requires precision temperature control can benefit from the highly efficient fluids produced by Paratherm. However, the high temperature fluids it provides are also well-suited for high temperature synthetic fibre and polymer processing.

For temperature control in moulding, press heating extrusion, coating rolls and line tracing, Paratherm also manufactures several different specialised heat transfer fluids.

If your facility requires a regular supply of plastics, polymers & textiles heat transfer fluids like the latest products engineered by Paratherm, you can count on our knowledgeable team at Oil Store. Look through our range of available fluids listed below or contact us now for further details on a specific listing.