Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood & Build Materials Heat Transfer Fluids

Different industries need specific fluids and lubricants to ensure the processes involved can be completed effectively to create high-quality and durable products. For manufacturers of building materials, this remains true. World-class lubricant manufacturers such as Paratherm have engineered heat transfer fluids that are expertly formulated to work effectively with engineered wood and other building materials.

Heat transfer fluids designed by Paratherm are widely employed in the building materials sector to deliver moderate heat for wood presses but also to maintain a molten state in binders, aggregates and adhesives. These built-for-purpose fluids are engineered using cutting-edge technology that provides precision temperature control that delivers consistent levels of quality for build material products.

Heat transfer fluids are required by the wood manufacturing industry to help manage extreme temperatures during the curing and bonding of a wide range of speciality products like panelling, plywood, oriented strand board and medium density fibre.

If your operation needs engineered wood & build materials heat transfer fluids like those formulated by Paratherm, you can count on us here at Oil Store. Study our selection of heat transfer fluids listed below or reach out to us for further product details.