Wire Rope Lubricants

Wire rope applications, which include marine, construction and mining, often involve intense operating loads and extreme environmental conditions. As a result, this equipment requires effective lubrication to ensure it retains its structural integrity and remains protected against wear, contamination and corrosive forces like rust.

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Showing all 3 results

Wire rope lubricants from leading manufacturers like MAK lubes, are specifically formulated to work with wire ropes, chains and gear boxes that need semi-fluid lubrication, among other equipment.

Lubricants are designed to penetrate right to the core of wire ropes, but also expel water to defend against both corrosion and rust. Lubricants have a stringy and tacky consistency, which stops it dripping off when applied to reduce lubrication consumption for users. These lubricants are engineered to be simple and safe to apply and offer major benefits, including extended active service life for wire ropes and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Different types of wire rope lubricant are available suited to a wide selection of applications, allowing users to find a built-for-purpose solution.

If you require wire rope lubricants for your operation that you can rely on, we can help. Reach out to us here at the Oil Store to discuss the needs of your application.