Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A Plus



ECOCOOL  ULTRALIFE  A PLUS is a high-performance semi-synthetic coolant, which is both Boron free and FAD biocide free.  The sump life of the emulsion is excellent and tool life has been shown to be significantly increased. ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A PLUS is very well suited to the machining of stainless steels and automotive aluminium castings.   Incorporation of non-staining extreme pressure additives and lubricity improvers ensures maximum tooling performance and enhanced surface finish on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous feedstocks, including suitability for use on yellow metals.

In accordance with REACH regulations, products containing a formaldehyde-releasing biocide manufactured after 1st December 2018 will now be labelled differently and will include the CLP hazard pictograms for Acute Toxicity and Serious Health Hazard. They may also be labelled as a carcinogenic (can cause cancer). Due to this, the ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A has been replaced by the ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE A PLUS.

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Weight 20 kg
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20L, 205L