Mobil Unirex EP 2 – 35LB


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Mobil Unirex EP 2

Mobil Unirex EP 2 is a top-notch grease that has been formulated and specifically designed with an advanced lithium soap thickener, and it combines this with the latest polymer enrichment technology. This gives the product an outstanding adhesion, and provides mechanical stability, water washout resistance and a superior performance at high temperatures.

The product in question provides protection against extreme pressure, meaning that it can prevent wear under the most severe of shock loading conditions, while also resisting corrosion. The product?s excellent water resistant ? both spray-off and washout ? ensures that a high level of lubrication and protection against wet environments is achieved.

The perks of Mobil Unirex include:

Formulated with soap thickener

These products have also been formulated with the use of an advanced lithium soap thickener. This results in the products being able to provide a longer grease life, even at the higher temperatures. This makes this oil grease stand out against others of a similar type.

Resistance to water washout and spray-off

The Mobilux EP series use a new polymer technology that enhances its already outstanding adhesive properties and resistance to water washout. This ensures that machines are properly lubricated and protected against the most hostile wet environments.

Main applications

This grease is particularly useful in applications with severe water contamination, as it manages to retain its adhesion and anticorrosion characteristics and consistency even after prolonged exposure to churning water.

Unirex EP 2 greases are particularly well suited to applications involving antifriction bearings that operate at high temperatures. Further to this, its low oil bleed characteristics offer an advantage for applications that consider minimal leakage to be critical.

This product makes for an outstanding multipurpose lubricant and has proved to be useful in both industrial and automotive applications. It?s recommended for applications involving grease guns, along with vehicle wheel bearings and grid-style flexible couplings.

Available to buy

This product is recommended for use with many different applications, making it the product of choice for a number of professionals. You can purchase this product at a competitive price from Oil Store. Speak to a member of staff today to find out more.

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