Morris Golden Film 20W/50 Classic Motor Oil



Selecting the correct motor oil for classic and vintage vehicles, whether it be a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, or agricultural machinery is a very important decision. Modern oils tend to be manufactured using a high-spec additive package and are not suitable for use in veteran pieces of machinery. Detergent and dispersant additives keep engine contamination in suspension which is then filtered out using modern technology however these older engines don’t have efficient enough filtration systems to remove contaminants.

Benefits of Morris Golden Film Classic Motor Oils

Morris Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil has been developed and manufactured using high quality, mineral base oils and a low detergent, low dispersant additive package meaning it can be recommended for use in classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment. It is suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines.

Because Golden Film SAE 20W-50 is a low dispersant oil, it allows any solid contaminants to drop into the sump harmlessly which is important when mesh gauze type filtration systems are fitted. Likewise, the multigrade properties of Morris Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil provide good working oil pressure and improved cold-start circulation.

Performance Levels

Morris Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • MIL-L-2104B

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