Shell Omala S2 GX 220


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Shell Omala S2 Gx 220 (Previous Names: Shell Omala S2 G 220 & Shell Omala 220)

Shell Omala S2 GX series products are high-quality industrial gear lubricants that can perform well under extreme pressure. A heavy duty set of oils, they have been specifically designed for industrial gear use. Featuring a high load-carrying capacity, the oils combine this with antifriction characteristics to provide a superior performance in industrial gears.

There are many benefits that make these oils stand out from other mineral-based lubricants on the market. They include:

Long oil life

All of these oils, including the Shell Omala S2 GX 220, are formulated to have a long life. They can resist both chemical and thermal breakdown and are resistant to sludge formation. This means that the user can save on maintenance costs.

Excellent wear and protection from corrosion

To complement long life and maintenance savings, the series also offers excellent protection against corrosion. This is because it reduces the load capacity on parts of machinery, including gear teeth, and wear on components such as gears and bearings.

System efficiency

Another benefit of these products is the characteristic that allows for good water separation. This means that any excess water can be drained quickly and easily from lubrication systems. As a consequence, the machinery will have an extended life and the correct level of lubrication will be in the correct places. This is an important feature, as water can speed up the fatigue of gears and water corrosion.

Main applications

The Shell Omala S2 GX product range is perfect for use in enclosed industrial gear systems.

This set of oils has been formulated with an effective additive system that provides an excellent performance in extreme pressure scenarios, which can mean a trouble-free application with most industrial gearboxes.

Other applications

There are a number of other applications that suit the use of the Omala S2 GX range, including high-load gear systems and splash-lubricated systems.

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These features make Shell Omala S2 GX 220 the recommended choice for applications in splash-lubricated systems as well as for the lubrication of bearings, so why not pick some up here at Oil Store?


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