CPI 4628-68 – 19L



CPI-4628-68 is manufactured using a high quality, synthetic base stock of polyalphaolefin (PAO) in addition with CPI-patented seal well technology.

This ammonia compressor lubricant has been developed specifically for the refrigeration industry and can be used in ammonia compressors, process gas rotary screw compressors and process gas reciprocating compressors.

CPI-4628-68 Applications

CPI-4628-68 is ideally suited for compressors utilising an Ammonia gas as the refrigerant with evaporator temperatures below -39°C. It has a low pour point (-54°C) and enhanced oxidation stability which enables it to operate over a wider temperature range than a standard mineral oil. The oil can reduce down-time, maintenance and ultimately, costs due to its low volatility and decreased lubricant consumption. CPI’s patented seal well technology minimizes ammonia leaks and its low carry-over improves evaporator efficiency.

CPI Fluid Engineering and Lubrizol

This 4628-68 lubricant has been developed by a joint venture between CPI Fluid Engineering, a world leader in the development and production of synthetic lubricants and operate in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia Pacific, and Lubrizol, the leading additive producer to the lubricant industry. Oil-Store are pleased to supply the CPI range of refrigeration oils directly online. Speak to our expert team for more information.

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Weight 19 kg