CPI 4600 Series

CPI Fluid Engineering



CPI 4600 is a series of polyalphaolefin (PAO) compressor lubricants for Industrial Refrigeration and Speciality Gas applications. It is available in various viscosity grades; CPI 4600-32, CPI 4600-46, CPI 4600-68, CPI 4600-100, and CPI 4600-150.

The CPI 4600 Series is manufactured using polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids which give excellent low-temperature, wax-free properties. They have superior thermal and oxidative stability, which enables them to operate over a wider temperature range than standard mineral products. These low-volatility compressor oils are fully miscible with hydrocarbon gases and are also compatible with mineral-based lubricants too.

Applications of the CPI 4600 Series

CPI 4600 Series lubricants can be used in propylene and ammonia refrigeration applications including liquid ring vacuum pumps, oil-flooded rotary screw compressors and any other application that requires a thermally resistant lubricant. They have a low pour point which prevents these lubricants from congealing in refrigeration lines and a high film strength helps to provide lubricity, even when they are diluted with the refrigerant in use.

These high performance lubricants can also be used in speciality gas applications for flooded rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. The are suitable for both process and reactive gas applications and can be used as a sealing fluid for rotary mechanical shaft seals of chemical processing pumps. The CPI 4600 Series offer increased efficiency and a reduced cost of operation due to their excellent lubricity properties and also help to increase service life and reduce maintenance down time with fewer top-offs required.

CPI Fluid Engineering in partnership with Lubrizol

The 4600 series is manufactured by CPI Fluid Engineering, a world leader in the development and production of synthetic lubricants and operate in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia Pacific, in partnership with Lubrizol. They work extremely well in industrial refrigeration systems with hydrocarbon gas. Their low volatility and excellent lubricity all the user to reduce maintenance down time whilst increasing efficiency. Purchase CPI compressor oils today from the UK’s number one Oil Store.

Additional information

Viscosity Grade

ISO VG 32 (CPI 4600-32), ISO VG 46 (CPI 4600-46), ISO VG 68 (CPI 4600-68), ISO VG 100 (CPI 4600-100), ISO VG 150 (CPI 4600-150)

Pack Size

19L, 208L