Mobil Glygoyle 220 – 20L


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Mobil’s Glygoyle range are compressor, gear and bearing oils that have been designed to have a high performance and excellent benefits in regard to equipment protection, efficiency and long oil life. These lubricants, including Mobil Glygoyle 220, are full synthetics PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) oils and have been designed to perform beyond the capabilities of other mineral oils and synthetic lubricants.

This set of products have low pour points and this allows them to provide outstanding low-temperature fluidity. Graded between ISO 150 and 1000, these oils are approved for foodgrade use (USDA/NSF H-1). Mobil Glygoyle 220 has been manufactured to outperform PAO synthetic lubricants and mineral oils in hydrocarbon gas compression and gear applications.

When used in worm gears, the products unique characteristics allow the more torque to be processed through the reducer whilst lowering the oil sump temperature in the majority of cases. These reduced temperatures result in a longer oil, gearbox and seal life.

With gas compressors, the minimal hydrocarbon solubility in the Mobil Glygoyle 220 oil provides reduced dilution and increases equipment protection.

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