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The Mobil Glygoyle range is renowned for its ability to supply a supreme level of lubrication when in use at extremely high temperatures. It can cope with conditions that standard mineral oils cannot, such as bearing, circulation and gear systems. This range have built-in resistance to the formation of deposits and sludge, as well as being resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation. These lubricants also offer a high level of shear stability.

The formulation is wax free, which gives these oils a very high index of viscosity and a low pour point. Their friction and traction coefficients are also far lower than those offered by mineral oil products. This means these lubricants are suitable for use at lower operational temperatures and are capable of delivering an outstanding performance in such conditions. They have been popular for more than 25 years, in some of the most demanding industries, for this very reason.

Mobil Glygoyle 22 is a very popular choice for many high demand applications, which include compressor manufacturing, paper machine bearing at high temperatures, the operation of plastic calendar systems and far more.

Benefits of Mobil Glygoyle 22

The specific demands of industrial equipment were borne in mind when this particular lubricant was created, because mineral or synthetic products had not been capable of performing under such demanding conditions.

Use of this oil can lead to reduced maintenance costs. The built-in sludge resistance means the lubricant lasts longer. Its efficacy can result in increased production and decreased operating temperatures. This, in turn, can lead to less power usage and an improvement in charge life.

The low friction and traction coefficients can lead to a longer life for equipment, because micro slip levels when using contact bearing rolling systems are lower.

Product limitations

The Mobil Glygoyle range does have certain limitations, just like other products on the market. Their unique formulation means they are not compatible with other mineral or synthetic lubricants. They are also incompatible with some other PAG-based formulas. The Mobil Glygoyle oils are hygroscopic and thus take in more moisture than mineral or synthetic lubricants. Therefore users must be careful to avoid exposing these formulas to too much water.

PAG-based lubricants are incompatible with the seals of mineral or synthetic oils, and their usage could thus cause the seal to shrink or swell, which in turn could lead to leaks or the seal seizing up.

The Mobil Glygoyle range is not for use with metal alloys that contain aluminium or magnesium, as they can cause extra wear on equipment when used with these specific metals. They are, however, compatible with both ferrous and the majority of non-ferrous metals.

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