Mobil Glygoyle 460 – 20L


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Mobil’s Glygoyle lubricants are known for their high performance, as well as providing excellent benefits to gears, bearings and compressors, including a long oil life, efficiency and a high level of protection.

Mobil Glygoyle 460 and others in the series are fully synthetic oils that use Polyalkylene Glycol. Mobil Glygoyle 460 has been manufactured to exceed the levels of performance of other similar mineral and PAO synthetic oils. Its low pouring points give excellent fluidity at low temperatures and are approved for foodgrade use (USDA/NSF H-1).

This Mobil Glygoyle 460 oil was designed to perform well compared to other lubricants in applications such as hydrocarbon gas compression and gear applications. In worm gears, its unique properties allow for more torque to be processed through a reducer whilst minimising the operating temperatures of oil sumps. This can lead to a longer oil, gearbox and seal life. In gas compression, it allows for a limited dilution of lubricants and enhances the protection of equipment.

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