Mobil Glygoyle 680 – 20L



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The Glygoyle series from Mobil are a high performing lubricant that provide many benefits to compressors, gears and bearings, including efficient performances, quality protection and enhance oil life.

The Mobil Glygoyle 680 product is a fully synthetic oil which uses Polyalkylene Glycol. Mobil Glygoyle 680 has been designed to outperform other PAO synthetic lubricants and mineral oils. It has an outstanding level of fluidity, especially at lower temperatures thanks to its low pouring point. Furthermore, it has been approved for food grade (USDA/NSF H-1) use.

Mobil Glygoyle 680 has been crafted specifically to provide a high performance in gears and hydrocarbon gas compression applications. With worm gears, the products unique characteristics mean that more torque can be processed through reducers and the oil sump operating temperatures are lowered. The result of this is a longer life for the oil, gearboxes and seals. In gas compression applications, the Mobil Glygoyle 680 oil allows for a limited amount of dilution and maximises equipment protection.

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