Mobil SHC 624 – 20L


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Mobil SHC 624

Mobil SHC 600 oils are an exceptional range of performance gear and bearing lubricants that have been specifically engineered to provide an excellent service, offering problem-free operations and equipment protection.

These lubricants are designed using the latest Mobil technology, which allows them to perform well in both high and low temperatures, and exceed the expectations of other mineral oils. Mobil SHC 600 products are known to be resistant to mechanical shear, meaning that there is essentially no viscosity loss.

The advantages of Mobil SHC 600 include:

Low traction coefficient

This product range boasts low traction coefficients in comparison to other leading mineral oils, which are acquired from the molecular structure of base stocks used in the products makeup. As a result of this, there is low fluid friction in the nonconforming surface?s load zones, including rolling contact bearings and gears. This leads to improved gear efficiency and a reduced operating temperature, which can effectively translate to a lower rate of power consumption. This is backed up by laboratory test results that suggest up to a 3.6% increase in efficiency.

Outstanding oxidation resistance

Another feature of these oils is that it has an exceptional resistance to oxidation, sludging and the formation of deposits, especially at higher temperatures. As well as this, these products provide superior resistance to corrosion and rusting, and feature very good anti-wear and foam control.

Combination of additives

This oil is design with a balanced set of additives that have been perfected to provide a high-quality performance in regards to preventing the buildup of corrosion and rust, as well as foam control and water separability. These additives can help deliver a problem-free operation that can, in turn, lead to reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Main applications

This series of lubricants is ideally suited to a wide range of gear and bearing components whereby both low and high temperatures are encountered, or where the operating temperature makes conventional mineral oil products perform to an unsatisfactory level.

Mobil SHC 600 is recommended for applications where the maintenance costs of component cleaning, replacement or lubrication changes are particularly high.

Other applications

As well as the above applications, this lubricant is also recommended for use on gearboxes with a remote location that makes oil changes difficult, or for low-temperature applications where it is possible for a seasonal change to be avoided, such as a ski lift.

Further information

Mobil SHC 600 lubricants are compatible with other construction components and the same seal materials that are used in equipment usually lubricated with standard mineral oils.

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With the Mobil SHC 600 Series using the latest cutting edge technology, it?s no wonder that it?s the product of choice for so many operators using a wide variety of equipment worldwide. Products within it are known as problem solvers for higher temperatures, and can be used with many different applications because of the benefits they provide, so make Oil Store your choice for acquiring them.

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