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Mobil SHC 626

The Mobil SHC 600 range of lubricants comprises a variety of oils designed for use with gears and bearings. These top-quality oils deliver high performance and reliability, offering smooth operation as well as protection for the equipment they are used with.

The lubricants perform very well whether they are used at low or high temperatures. Using the latest Mobil technology, the manufacturer’s aim is to exceed their customer’s expectations of the product.

There is no loss of viscosity with these oils, because the formulation is resistant to mechanical shearing.

Advantages of the Mobil SHC 600 range

Low traction coefficient

As compared to other popular mineral oils, this product features low traction coefficients, thanks to the formulation’s unique molecular structure. This results in lower levels of fluid friction on load areas, which includes gears and rolling contact bearings. Gear efficiency is improved, and this also means that the equipment can operate at a lower temperature. This can save power and thereby reduce energy consumption. Laboratory testing has indicated an increase in efficiency of up to 3.6%.

Resistance to oxidisation

One of the major benefits of the Mobil SHC 600 range of lubricants is their outstanding level of resistance to deposit and sludge build-up as well as oxidisation. This applies particularly when the oils are used at high temperatures. Exceptional resistance to rusting and corrosion is the result, and the products also offer great foam control and anti-wear properties.

Tailor-made additives

The exact combination of additives in these lubricants has been carefully selected in order to ensure great protection from rusting and corrosion. The formulas are designed to offer maximum levels of water separability and a reduction in foaming. The result is a fuss-free operation, which can make for a reduction in the costs of maintaining and operating equipment.

Main uses

The Mobil SHC 600 series of oils are perfectly suited to a broad range of bearing components and gear systems. They can also be used with equipment that operates at either high or low temperatures – even when this operating temperature has rendered other mineral oil products unsatisfactory.

This makes these oils ideal for those applications that involve high levels of maintenance, such as component cleaning or replacement and oil changes.

Additional applications

These lubricants are also recommended for use with gearboxes that are located in such a way as to make oil changes tricky. They can also be used in very low temperature environments, for example with a ski lift.

More information

The Mobil SHC 600 series of lubricants can be used with other construction components. They work well with seal materials typically used on the kind of machinery that is frequently lubricated using standard mineral oils.

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Mobil SHC 626 oil is formulated using the most recent research and technology available, so it’s not surprising that so many equipment operators opt for this product. Special additives make this lubricant perfect for solving the issues often encountered when operating at higher temperatures. Its versatility means it is suitable for a variety of applications.

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