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As part of a series of slideway oils, Mobil Vactra Oil Number 4 is a high-quality product designed to be used with precision machine tools. This product has been crafted to meet all requirements expected with regards to accuracy, aqueous coolant separability and equipment protection.

Mobil Vactra Oil No. 4 combines the best base stock oils with a set of high performance additives that help the product to deliver in terms of protection from the effects of foaming and corrosion.

The additive technology used within this oil gives it a low frictional property, which allows it to perform well and enhance the accuracy and operating speeds of machinery, with a smoother motion. This gives machinery a longer working life.

Vactra 4’s features and benefits include:

Exceptional levels of performance

This series of oils offer users a high level of performance, especially when used with applications involving high load bearing conditions. This performance is enhanced through providing protection against any cross contamination, which enables coolants and lubricants to be more effective. In turn, this can see the life of a machine lengthen.

Rust and corrosion protection

Vactra oils help to significantly reduce the deterioration caused to slideways that come into contact with water and other aqueous products on a regular basis which can see a reduction in downtime and any maintenance costs that could occur.

Mobil Vactra 4 main applications

Mobil Vactra Oil Number 4 is recommended for use with systems that use machine tool slideways. It has been designed to make it a suitable lubricant for systems made from cast iron, steel and other materials. Mobil also states that it can be applied in numerous ways, including manual application, force-feed lubricators and flood applications.

It is suitable for use with large machinery that are exposed to conditions with high pressure levels and where precision is required as well as with inclined and vertical slideways.

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