Mobil Velocite Number 6 – 20L


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Mobil Velocite 6

The Mobil Velocite series is a set of premium lubricants that have been primarily designed to lubricate high-speed spindles within a machine. These oils are often also used in a range of circulation systems, critical hydraulic systems and even airliners. The products have been formulated to be some of the highest performing oils, and feature low viscosity base oils and a set of additives that give them a good resistance and protection to oxidation, corrosion and foaming.

Mobil Velocite oils have a number of properties that make them ideally suited to numerous applications. These include:

Great oxidation resistance
One of the key features of the Mobil Velocite numbered series is that the oils within it have an excellent resistance to oxidation. This helps to reduce the formation of deposits that can be critical to machinery. This can help improve the overall oil life and reduce machinery downtime needed for repairs.

Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
Another feature of this product range is that they have superb corrosion and rust protection characteristics. These oils have been formulated with a set of additives that can help improve the operating life of equipment by increasing the long-term precision of the machinery, which can be detrimentally affected by the buildup of rust and corrosion over a period of time.

Effective water separation
This oil can help to keep moisture away from critical lubrication areas of machinery that can be easily damaged thanks to its outstanding water protection qualities. It can help the user to easily remove moisture from the system?s reservoirs and prevent the formation of emulsion.

Main applications

Mobil Velocite 6 is recommended for use with spindle bearings, which need to operate at zero clearance or extremely close clearances. This product is also ideally suited to high speed bearings with fine clearances such as tracer mechanisms.

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