Shell Tellus S2 M 46


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Shell Tellus S2 M 46

Shell Tellus products are high-performing hydraulic fluids that make use of Shell?s patented, unique technology, which provides both excellent performance and protection from wear and tear in mobile and manufacturing equipment.

One of the main properties of these products is that they are able to resist breaking down under excessive heat, or from mechanical stress, which helps to prevent the formation of damaging deposits that can lead to a drop in the efficiency of hydraulic powered systems.

The advantages of the Tellus S2 M range

There are many key advantages and features that this product range possesses, making it one of the leading lubricants in the hydraulics industry. These include:

Longer fluid life
One of the main features and key selling points of the Shell Tellus S2 M product range is that it has a longer fluid life. This is ideal for many users, as it can help save both money and time on equipment maintenance procedures. This is because the lubricant is more resistant to both chemical and thermal breakdown, cutting down on the amount of sludge that is formed. It provides excellent results in the Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST), and proves to be more reliable for system cleanliness.

Wear protection
Another prominent feature of these lubricants is that they have an excellent wear protection. The products all feature zinc-based, anti-wear additives that have been scientifically proven to be effective throughout the operating process, including low-load conditions and severe duty, high-load conditions.

As well as good performances in the TOST tests, this fluid is also known to have outstanding performances in a range of piston and vane pump tests, such as the Denison T6C test, which tests both wet and dry versions. The results from these tests prove that the Tellus S2 M products can help components perform to a higher standard for longer.

Excellent maintenance of system efficiency
The Shell Tellus product range is great at maintaining system efficiency. Some of the features of these fluids allow for high performances in air release, water separation and antifoam, which all helps to contribute to the cleanliness, filterability and efficiency of hydraulic systems.

It is the product?s superior cleanliness, combined with Shell?s unique additives, that helps to reduce the impact of contaminants on the filters of these hydraulic systems, leading to a longer filter life, as well as enabling the use of finer filtration.

The Tellus S2 M oils are formulated for a faster air release without excessive foaming, in order to help the hydraulic power transfer process to run more smoothly and efficiently. They can actually minimise the fluid impacts of cavitation and induce oxidation, which results in a shortened fluid life.

Main applications

The Shell Tellus range is the product of choice across three main applications:

Industrial hydraulic systems
The Shell Tellus S2 M lubricants all come with designer approvals, and recommendations stating that they are suitable for use in a wide variety of hydraulic power applications found in many different industrial and manufacturing environments.

Mobile hydraulic power transmission
These fluids can be effectively used in a number of different mobile hydraulic power systems, including excavators and cranes, with the exception of applications where there are significant variations in temperature. For these applications, Shell recommends its Tellus S2 V product range.

Marine hydraulic systems
As well as the previous two applications, the Tellus S2 M range is also suitable for use in marine systems, where ISO HM category hydraulic lubricants are recommended for use.

What is the Tellus S2 M range of lubricants compatible with?

This product range can be used with the majority of hydraulic pumps. However, it is recommended that you check with manufacturers and suppliers before using these lubricants with pumps containing components that are silver plated.

In terms of fluid compatibility, the Tellus S2 M range is compatible with most of the other mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids on offer, though it is worth noting that it is not recommended that you mix these hydraulic fluids with other types of fluid, for safety reasons.

Shell?s Tellus S2 M products are all compatible with paints and seal materials that are usually recommended for use with mineral oils.

Health and safety warnings

As with every lubricant, the manufacturers need to issue health and safety warnings, and though these products are unlikely to present any significant health and safety hazards if utilised in the correct way and for the intended use, it is advised that when using these products, skin contact is avoided.

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