Shell Tellus S2 MX 68



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Shell Tellus S2 MX 68

Shell Tellus S2 MX 68 is one of a range of Shell products specifically designed for the lubrication of hydraulics equipment. The patented formula performs exceedingly well, and also features built-in protection from the damage routinely caused by wear and tear.

This oil helps to maintain a highly efficient hydraulic system, due to the fact that the formation of deposits such as sludge is reduced when using this product. This is because this lubricant is very robust and highly resistant to breakdown – even under demanding conditions such as extreme temperature environments or intense mechanical stress.

Features of the Tellus S2 MX range

This product is one of the market leaders in the hydraulics industry, because it offers users a range of key features and benefits as follows.


Shell’s Tellus S2 MX 68 lubricant has a longer fluid life than other similar oils. In practical terms this means users can save money as well as time. This product has a superior level of resistance to thermal and chemical breakdown, and this cuts down on the quantity of sludge and other deposits that form. It therefore helps to maintain system cleanliness and performs to an impressive standard during tests like the Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST).

Equipment protection

Even during particularly high or low load conditions, this lubricant offers superb protection against wear. The zinc-based, anti-wear formula has been scientifically and repeatedly proven to remain effective throughout a range of operating processes.

This fluid also performs to an impressive level during a variety of piston and vane pump tests, which include the Denison T6C wet and dry tests. Test results show that Shell Tellus S2 MX 68 can help machinery to perform to an improved standard over a longer period of time.

Superb system efficiency

The Shell Tellus S2 MX range is superb at maintaining system efficiency. The fluid has been formulated to ensure high performance in terms of water separation, antifoam and air release. This all contributes to a very clean, highly filterable and flawlessly efficient hydraulic system.

The superior cleanliness of this formulation, when combined with Shell’s unique combination of carefully chosen additives, helps to lower the impact of contamination on the filters of hydraulic systems. This results in a prolonged filter life and allows for the use of finer filtration processes.

This Shell Tellus S2 MX series oil causes a more rapid air release, yet there is no excessive foaming. This makes the hydraulic power transfer process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The products can even lead to less cavitation and oxidation – the impacts of which often result in a shorter life for standard fluids.

Leading applications

The Shell Tellus S2 M range is ideal for use across several main applications.

Manufacturing hydraulic systems

Shell Tellus S2 MX lubricants are recommended by industry experts for various hydraulic systems and operations, including those present in a range of industrial and manufacturing environments.

Mobile hydraulic power systems

This lubricant can be used to great effect in various mobile hydraulic power systems. This includes excavators and cranes but excludes those applications that require very dramatic variations in temperature. For such conditions, Shell suggests using their Tellus S2 V product range instead.

Marine hydraulics

As well as mobile and manufacturing applications, Shell’s Tellus S2 MX range is also suitable for the lubrication of marine systems, including those for which ISO HM category hydraulic lubricants have recommended.

What is the compatibility of this lubricant?

This range of Shell lubricants can be used to oil the majority of hydraulic pumps, although it is recommended to check with suppliers or manufacturers prior to using these lubricants with pumps containing any silver-plated components.

The Tellus S2 MX range is compatible with most hydraulic fluids that are mineral oil-based, though it is prudent to note that it is not recommended to mix these hydraulic lubricants with other kinds of fluid. This is to ensure safety.

Every one of Shell’s Tellus S2 MX products is compatible with the type of paints, as well as seal materials, that are often recommended for use with conventional mineral oils.

As with all lubricant products, the manufacturers have given health and safety warnings that apply. Though none of these products are likely to present health and safety risks if utilised as intended, it is best practice to avoid contact with the skin when using these oils.

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