CPI Fluid Engineering in Finland

As a key component of the Lubrizol Corporation, CPI Fluid Engineering specialises in producing high performance engineering lubricants with the aim of making a positive impact on human lives, supporting a wide array of requirements.

Its efforts are focused on areas like compression processing and heat transfer, which has seen its fluids solve challenges in safe food production and energy supply.

Bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia, Finland has always been well placed for economic success. Its considerable range of natural resources, which range from freshwater and timber to minerals like copper, gold, chromium and nickel, combined with its logistics and technical know-how have helped it build a strong manufacturing and refining sector.

Food production also plays an important role in the nation’s economy. While Finland’s extreme seasons present challenges, its farmers have adapted, making its agricultural sector more productive and efficient than many other nations in Europe.

Finland also thrives in the energy market, and enjoys some of the lowest utility costs in the EU.

Understandably, a strong supply of state-of-the-art engineering fluids are required in a wide range of industries in Finland.

Leading brands of high-quality fluids from CPI

CPI Fluid Engineering partners with the companies it serves in Finland, supplying its technical expertise alongside exceptional customer service and impressive production capability.

Its mission is to harness its technical resources though leadership and extensive experience, to help businesses expand and succeed.

One of the most respected lubricant makers in the industry, CPI manufactures three of the most prominent refrigeration brands (Solest, Icematic, and Emkarate RL), along with leading heat transfer label, Paratherm. Its parent company, Lubrizol, is also the world’s largest manufacturer of additives for lubricants.

The global network of CPI Fluid Engineering

The Lubrizol Corporation obtained CPI Fluid Engineering in 1996.

With headquarters based in Ohio, US, the company’s network includes manufacturing operations in 17 different countries, but its network extends all over the world with warehouses, sales offices and labs working tirelessly on solutions for today’s challenges.

CPI has decades of experience and is dedicated to delivering best-in-class, high-performance fluids and dependable customer support.

Do you need products from CPI Fluid Engineering in Finland?

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The CPI Fluid Engineering brands are:

We stock a wide range of lubricants from CPI including brands like Paratherm, Emkarate RL and Solest, so contact us today to order.