Stationary Gas Engine Oils

Stationary gas engines use pistons that move back and forth alternatively to convert pressure into a rotating motion. They are commonly employed at manufacturing and power plants to generate electricity, but also to compressors and power pumps. These engines are also sometimes utilised in emergencies to generate electricity or pump water for fire and flood control.

To be dependable, hardworking heavy machinery like stationery gas engines require appropriate maintenance and the core element of this process is always lubrication. Specially formulated to hold up under intense work rates and loads under pressure, stationery gas engine oils ensure that all moving parts in proximity of one another are coated with a robust lubrication film. This not only ensures components can move smoothly and freely, but reduces wear on metal surfaces. Oils also act as a coolant, transferring heat from engine parts to avoid damage. As oils are pumped through the stationery engine, the coats key components like pistons seal them against corrosive forces and oxidation while carrying unwanted contaminants harmlessly to the sump.

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Key requirements of stationery gas oils

With an in-depth understanding of the severe operating conditions which are common to the gas fuelled stationery engines employed in fields like Combined Heat and Power (CHP), gas compression and power generation, leading lubrication manufacturers like Total, Petro-Canada, Petronas, Fuchs and Q8 supply premium solutions. These oils are designed to deliver performance as well as extended oil life while simultaneously helping operations maintain outstanding control of harmful engine deposits.

The dedicated lubricants which serve stationery gas engines must have the capacity to cope with not only extreme pressure, but the intense heat which occurs within this heavy-duty power generating equipment. At the same time, these oils but manage to deal with high levels of sludge formation and varnish deposits which typically occur with certain gas types.

As a result, stationery gas engine oils guard against wear and corrosion and provide a range of ash content levels to ensure cleanliness throughout an extensive range of gas engine machinery. These key features provide tangible benefits such as excellent fuel economy through greater performance, extended lubricant lifespan and drain intervals, as well as overall gas engine reliability, with the combined advantage of optimising operations.

Delivering all these advantages has only been made possible by manufacturers developing state-of-the-art lubricants while working in close partnership original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to understand the unique priorities of customers and the challenges they face. Many leading manufacturers of lubricants for stationery gas engines also offer further support to users. This includes expert advice and oil monitoring services to optimise both the performance and application of stationery gas engine oils.

Advantages of using cutting edge stationery gas engine oils

The latest industrial stationary gas engine oils available provide a wide range of useful features and business benefits for operations.

Oils offer optimised drain intervals which allow companies to use less lubricant and fewer production stops for maintenance. As a result, operations can lower their running costs and reduce equipment downtime. Stationery gas engine oils are also designed to deliver reinforced protection from wear. This effectively improves the active service life of engine components, even when working under extreme stress. Oils are also engineered to enhance engine cleanliness in a wide range of different engine types, with adapted ash content. With exceptional ash consistency, these built-for-purpose oils make cleaning engines far easier. Finally, stationery gas engine oils are formulated according to all original engine manufacturer requirements, which includes even the most challenging operating conditions.

Stationery gas engines served

Stationary gas engine oils have been specifically engineered for different types of equipment including two-stroke and 4-stroke engines. As a result, there are high performance and long-life oils available for compressors and stationary gas engines in a diverse variety of different applications, and operating environments with a core focus on power generation and gas compression.

Examples of engine types served by these specially formulated oils include naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, ultra-lean and lean burn engines, Stoichiometric engines, and older models of converted diesel engine design. Oils are also available suited to dual fuel, landfill gas, natural gas and biogas engines.

Specifically, synthetic low-ash oils and low ash mineral oils are available for natural gas engines, High BN mineral oils can be supplied for dual-fuel and biogas engines, entirely ashless oil is offered for both two and four-stroke engines, adapted mineral oil with additive packages for gas landfill engines and low-ash, hydrocracked, mineral oil for biogas, natural gas, and dual-fuel engines among others.

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