Vacuum Pump Oils

Vacuum pumps require a high-quality lubricant to ensure performance and protect their components from a range of issues like corrosion, contamination and wear and tear. Leading lubrication manufacturers like Petronas, Fuchs and Shell produce built-for-purpose vacuum pump oils that are specially formulated to meet the recommended specifications of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Versatile solutions, vacuum pump oils work to provide optimal lubrication, but also seal parts of the vacuum pump apparatus with a protective film defending against rust, a common threat in systems with steel components where moisture is present. Vacuum pump oils also collect unwanted particles and contaminants, removing them from key areas of apparatus.

This high-quality vacuum pump oils are advised for use in high-vacuum pumps that are operating at absolute pressure levels where concentrations of mercury are 50 microns or less. Oils are designed with a precise viscosity to form perfect seals on all pump parts and provide uniform distribution. Engineered with outstanding film strength and high levels of oxidation stability, vacuum pump oils offer excellent water separability and minimise friction.

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