CPI Fluid Engineering in Sweden

CPI Fluid Engineering (CPI) is an important component of The Lubrizol Corporation. As a company it specialises in manufacturing high-quality engineering lubricants designed to have a positive effect on daily life, supporting a diverse range of requirements. For instance, the engineering fluids it offers are used in energy supply and helping companies produce nutritious food products safely.

As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Sweden is a nation where industry thrives. Its export orientated and knowledge intensive economy has a strong basis on foreign trade with natural resources such as timber, iron ore and hydropower among its assets. The engineering sector of Sweden accounts 50 per cent of exports and output, however the pharmaceutical, arms and automotive industries also contribute to the Scandinavian country’s economy. Large companies in the manufacturing sector dominate in Sweden and the country is also a powerhouse for the energy market and a world leader in decarbonisation. As a result, cutting-edge engineering fluids designed for a diverse range of industries are of paramount importance and in constant demand in Sweden.

Providing fluid solutions for complex problems of partners

CPI Fluid Engineering works closely with its customers in Sweden combining its technical know-how with exceptional service and production capability. Its aim is to leverage its experience, technical resources and thought leadership to help companies that are seeking growth and improvement.

Today it is ranked among the world’s most highly respected lubricant makers. This has been influenced by Lubrizol being the largest global producer of lubricant additives, and CPI being the manufacturer of three leading brands of refrigeration oils, Solest, Emkarate RL and Icematic. It also acquired the Paratherm brand during its expansion allowing it to provide a wider range of lubrication products to its customers in Sweden and other countries around the world.

CPI Fluid Engineering operations

CPI Engineering Services was purchased by The Lubrizol Corporation back in 1996. Headquartered in Ohio, USA Lubrizol now has manufacturing sites in 17 countries, and operates, sales and technical and offices, labs, and warehouses all over the world.

Its experience dates to the 70s, and building on this CPI specialises in delivering world-class, innovative high-performance fluids and impressive customer support. With an extensive selection of products to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries it is an expert in compression processing and heat transfer.

The CPI Fluid Engineering brands are:

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