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Among the world’s leading lubrication manufacturers, PETRONAS has created solutions designed for every application and industry. Among its many offerings, PETRONAS has produced an extensive selection of engine oils. With an understanding of the different requirements for engines that serve various vehicles, it has produced a dedicated range for specific sectors.

As a result, PETRONAS has created the Syntium engine oil range for the passenger car market, the Sprinta engine oil range for motorcyclists and the Urania engine oil range, which is suited to commercial vehicles. Below, you’ll find details of these different ranges and the many benefits they can offer users.

PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTech – a range of Engine oils for passenger cars

PETRONAS designed its Syntium range so that owners could drive with the understanding that they had made the optimum lubrication choice for their car. Using its patented CoolTech technology, PETRONAS produced Syntium with a unique formulation that can control heat damage to engines, while reducing deposits and wear. Syntium engine oils also extend component life and ensure that engines deliver maximum efficiency. If you are a registered keeper who cares about your car’s long-term performance, these engine oils are an ideal option.

Internal combustion engines can typically convert approximately 35 per cent of the fuel they use into power. Any energy remaining is not converted for useful work and is wasted, mainly through dissipation as heat. For thermal efficiency, vehicle engines must stay cool in key areas where extreme heat can cause damage to engine components. To answer this issue, PETRONAS combined Syntium with its CoolTech technology to optimise efficiency through mitigating engine-damaging heat in the engine. As a result, parts are protected, fuel consumption is lowered and emissions are reduced to promote sustainable and cleaner driving.

Automotive engines that cannot operate at their maximum temperature will waste energy and do not perform at optimum. Controlling excessive heat can prevent a range of unwanted issues, including deposit formation, thermal breakdown, oxidation and wear, helping avoid inefficiency and any engine performance loss.

The technology PETRONAS brings to its passenger car engine oils is track informed. The manufacturer is the technical partner of the many-time winner of the FIA Formula One world championship, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One car.

PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex – a range of advanced engine oils for motorcycles

PETRONAS produces lubrication solutions not just with engines and vehicles in minds, but also their users. When developing a dedicated range of motorcycle engine oils, the company considered that a rider in today’s busy roads must be focused, alert and ready to respond and ensured they created a solution that could be counted on.

The Sprinta engine oil range features the firm’s trademarked UltraFlex technology and is designed to react instantly and rise to different demands as they occur in a motorcycle’s most critical areas. As a result, lubricant is supplied immediately when required, delivering both exceptional performance and protection.

Sprinta activates on cue, flowing consistently and smoothly to lubricate a bike’s engine. It surges to the clutch, creating enhanced grip that can prevent slippage while maintaining constant power and reaching the vehicle’s gears to provide shifting that is exceptionally responsive. It also immediately delivers excellent viscosity and deposit control to resist heat and stress. This can protect moving components against wear and help keep maintenance bills lower.

A green-minded and forward-thinking company, PETRONAS is committed to sustainable mobility. As such, it has designed its Sprinta range to meet the most current global environmental standards and invests in innovative projects designed to improve air quality for motorcyclists around the world.

PETRONAS Urania with StrongTech – a range of engine oils designed for commercial vehicles

PETRONAS understands that companies operating a fleet face many challenges. From long distances and extreme conditions to keeping fuel costs low and avoiding operational downtime, firms with a fleet need strong support from high-quality lubrication to keep them on the road.

The PETRONAS Urania range featuring StrongTech technology boasts premium-quality engine oils that are carefully formulated to efficiently safeguard engines against deposit build-up and to maintain optimum oil viscosity. Under extreme pressure, engine oils need a core strength to stay at optimum viscosity and remain stronger for longer.

To this end, engine oils in the Urania range have been specially formulated with exceptionally strong molecule chains that can lock out any harmful deposits so that they can defend against oxidation and wear while extending efficiency right up to when the next drain interval tales place.

Designed to help vehicles operate in the most hostile environments under extreme stress, Urania is an outstanding option for operations seeking to improve the performance of their fleet and increase profitability.

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