Paratherm Fluid Analysis


Over the past 30 years, Paratherm’s technical experts have performed thousands of fluid analyses on samples of mineral oil based heat transfer fluids. These samples are taken from systems as diverse as asphalt terminal heating and sludge drying to chemical and pharmaceutical reactor control to food and poultry processing – or as we like to say from “tar to feathers”. Our fluid analysis reports have enabled customers to correct problems before they become expensive, avoid complete heating system failure or just sleep better knowing that the fluid is still in good condition.

A fluid analysis that consists only of laboratory data is like checking the oil level in your car without knowing how long it has been since the last oil change or even when oil was last added. All you know is whether you need to add oil. What makes our fluid analysis program unique is that it goes beyond simply running laboratory tests that measure properties of the fluid. At Paratherm, we take these laboratory test results and make a total system analysis using our extensive knowledge of equipment and processes.

Fluid Analysis Kit


  1. Whether the results are “normal”
  2. Whether equipment problems exist
  3. Whether operational issues are causing the fluid to degrade.

We review the results with you, explain the causes and remedies for any abnormalities and then issue a report which includes our recommendations. The result? You know whether your fluid is “good” or “bad”, whether it’s causing problems and, most importantly, you know what you can do about it.


Combines the 2 basic tests – Acid Number and Viscosity – that can determine whether the fluid can continue to be used or should be replaced. The Quick Analysis is recommended for smaller volume systems, portable temperature control units and systems that have a mixture of fluids. After buying the Quick Analysis, you will be prompted to provide a complete shipping address, to receive the kit, containing a jar, labels, instructions, and packaging for returning the sample to our lab for analysis. Service includes a report:

  1. Test results compared with new fluid
  2. Results evaluation report
  3. One-on-one telephone discussion of possible fluid and system problems revealed by the testing


The Standard Analysis is recommended for larger-volume systems, systems operating at high temperatures (>450F) and systems that have not added other brands of fluid. This analysis package includes Distillation Range, Acid Number and Viscosity tests. The Distillation Range can determine whether any changes in the fluid properties are due to degradation or contamination. It can also distinguish between different types of degradation. The Acid Number test is an excellent predictor of future problems since the acids it measures are the raw materials for carbon sludge and fluid gelling. Service includes a report comparing the results with new fluid, results evaluation, and a one-on-one telephone discussion of possible fluid and system problems revealed by the testing.



To encourage regularly scheduled proactive system maintenance, Paratherm offers the opportunity to start with a fluid analysis now and plan your next analysis. When you buy the Fluid Maintenance Program, you receive your analysis kit with an enclosed coupon good for 10% off your next analysis, redeemable within 13 months of the first analysis date. The coupon code goes into a field on the next page, visible when you click “add to cart.” You get a new coupon every time you buy the Fluid Maintenance Program option.

Compared to steam systems, most thermal fluid systems are generally boring pieces of equipment to operate. They don’t require a licensed operator. There are no water treatment chemicals that have to be monitored and added and no steam traps to replace. The only data that can be monitored – pressure and temperature – typically don’t change much until there is a mechanical problem with a pump or a thermocouple. This often triggers an immediate interest in the condition of the fluid which results in a rush a request for a fluid analysis. Unfortunately, by the time degraded fluid has an effect on system performance, it’s too late.

Paratherm’s Fluid Maintenance Program provides you with routine feedback on the condition of the thermal fluid so there are no surprises. We send you a sample kit on an agreed on schedule, we test the fluid, compare the results to previous samples and let you know what is going on with the fluid, what has changed and, most importantly, any corrective actions you need to take to keep the system running. So that you never get surprised by a fluid problem.


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