CPI Fluid Engineering in Denmark

As a division of the lubrication leader Lubrizol Corporation, CPI Fluid Engineering (CPI) is focused on enhancing modern life via cutting-edge engineering lubricants.

Its products find applications in everyday life by assisting sectors supplying home comforts, food that is healthy and safe, and natural energy with high-quality solutions.

As a developed country, Denmark is well-known for its high standard of living. The World Banks, for example, classes Denmark as a high-income economy. While this Scandinavian nation was once mainly an agricultural country, it has since expanded into an important industrial base for Europe.

Today, its major industries are diverse and include pharmaceuticals, wind turbines, medical equipment, transportation and machinery equipment, construction and food processing. Denmark is also a net exporter of energy.

Understandably, a dependable supply of advanced engineering fluids is in constant demand within a diverse range of industries in Denmark.

Leading lubrication and fluid brands produced by CPI

Today, CPI Fluid Engineering serves a multitude of enterprises in Denmark, delivering a service founded on technical ability, customer support and impressive production scope. Its continuing ambition is to keep leveraging its specialist technical resources, advanced through leadership and decades of experience, to assist businesses seeking to excel in Denmark and other successful economies.

It prides itself on an innovative collaboration to drive the production of world-class performance fluids for a wide array of applications, but is predominantly focused on the challenging areas of compression and heat transfer. It has risen to become a respected fluid manufacturer, thanks to its product range that includes best-in-class brands like Solest, Paratherm, Icematic and Emkarate RL.

CPI Fluid Engineering – A division of Lubrizol

The Lubrizol Corporation is regarded as the world’s leading lubricant additive manufacturer.

In 1996, it secured CPI Fluid Engineering, incorporating it as one of its divisions. Lubrizol is headquartered in Ohio in the United States, but its reach is far greater. The Lubrizol network spans the globe with manufacturing operations situated in 17 nations, supported by a multitude of labs, warehouses, technical and sales offices, constantly working to provide fluid engineering solutions for the challenges of the modern industry.

Does your Denmark operation require leading fluid solutions?

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The CPI Fluid Engineering brands are:

Reach out to our team today to access products from leading CPI brands like Emkarate RL, Paratherm, and Solest.