Lubricants for Low GWP Refrigerants

Navigating the complexities of the refrigeration industry during its transition towards sustainability poses significant challenges. As lower GWP refrigerants become prevalent, the selection process of refrigeration lubricants requires careful consideration of efficiency, environmental impact, and safety. CPI Fluid Engineering acknowledges these complexities and is committed to collaborating with industry stakeholders to address them effectively.

The adoption of lower GWP refrigerants entails unique considerations for compressor systems. Balancing technical requirements, environmental impact, and safety parameters is crucial in determining the suitability of these lubricant options. The phasing out of higher GWP refrigerants, such as HCFCs and HFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons), adds further complexity to global organizations. Each lower GWP refrigerant option presents challenges when replacing higher GWP alternatives, necessitating careful matching with compatible lubricants.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely on lubricant property testing, including solubility, miscibility, and ASHRAE 97 standards, for proper selection. CPI Fluid Engineering utilizes comprehensive testing methodologies, including PVT (pressure, viscosity, and density) analysis, to provide valuable data on lubricant-refrigerant mixtures across a wide range of temperatures and pressures, ensuring accurate predictions of fluid properties in compressor bearings.

To stay informed about current lower GWP options and future trends, lubricant manufacturers must maintain strong connections with industry organizations like ASHRAE, AHRI, RETA, and IIAR who offer valuable insights and information. CPI Fluid Engineering takes a leading role in technical research and development, collaborating with compressor OEMs, refrigerant gas manufacturers, and industry organizations. By being at the forefront of lubricant technology for lower GWP refrigerants, CPI Fluid Engineering aims to drive innovation and provide cutting-edge solutions for the industry.