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Turbine Lubricant Supplier

Experts estimate that lubricant issues are behind approximately 20 per cent of forced outages in turbines. The two key culprits of turbine oil deterioration during active service are thermal degradation and oxidation. As a result, leading lubrication engineers have created unique solutions, including high-performance gas combustion turbine oil, steam turbine oil, combined cycle turbine oil, hydroelectric turbine oil and even environmentally sound turbine oil to prevent damage to the parts of the most cutting-edge and high-maintenance machinery in use.

However, sourcing these highly specialised solutions can require specialist assistance. Fortunately, a knowledgeable turbine lubricant supplier can help enterprises and operations ensure that they have the ideal turbine oil for every application or environment.

Turbine oils engineered to protect and to perform

Turbines are essential machinery which drives the gears of industry, whether they are utilised to keep manufacturing chains operating or ensure energy is supplied efficiently.

However, keeping a power supply flowing is sometimes simpler said than done, especially in the extreme operating environments and conditions common to energy intensive operations. These harsh environments often expose crucial components to severe pressures from heavy loads to high temperatures.

Fortunately, a turbine lubricant supplier providing the correct product can assist. By prioritising performance and protection, leading manufacturers of turbine oils can help companies keep their equipment working precisely as they were engineered. As a result, suppliers can offer superior portfolios featuring the highest performing lubricants on the market.

Understanding how turbine oils are formulated

In most cases, turbine oil formulation is relatively basic. Formulas comprise a mixture of a base oil, oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers and anti-foaming agents. The base oil typically makes up 97 percent of the turbine oil’s formula, but sometimes even more. Additives are then blended into this foundation at low levels, helping to protect both the turbine oil and the components of the turbine. Additives must be selected so that they deliver optimised performance within the turbine, according to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) requirements.

Many modern turbine oils, however, are formulated using base oils refined by newer techniques. As a rule, laboratory bench test data available indicates that using these latest base fluids can provide extended lubricant life in applications.

Advanced oils for specialist equipment

Different types of turbines require built-for-purpose oils to ensure they operate effectively and remain protected from deterioration. As a result, turbine lubricant suppliers offer a wide range of products for operations in a wide spectrum of sectors. The following are some of the products available.

Turbine oils specifically formulated for use with gas combustion turbines, hydroelectric turbines and combined cycle turbines, among other machinery. These oils feature a unique blend of that includes highly refined base oils and advanced additive technology. Their cutting-edge formula offers superior thermal and oxidative stability while stopping sludge and varnish and sludge build-up on critical surfaces. These turbine oils ensure trouble-free and long-lasting performance for gas combustion turbines, minimising any unplanned outages and delivering optimum uptime.

Key turbine oil benefits

While the properties of a turbine lubricant will vary between brands, there are some common benefits offered by all high-quality products.

Extended active service life for oil

The cost of unplanned equipment downtime for enterprises has never been greater. As a result, tracking down a lubricant that can continue to perform at optimum for extended periods without requiring a drain interval has become a sought-after commodity. For this reason, leading turbine oils provide outstanding oil life even under constant operation.

Enhanced protection against wear

Like all lubricants, turbine oil is designed to reduce the risk of undue wear on components. Along with a high-quality base oil, anti-wear additives are included in advanced turbine lubricants effectively preventing the threat of turbine failure, and expensive repairs and the cost of replacement parts. The latest turbine oils can even reduce such risk for gearboxes operating under the heaviest loads.

Exceptional system efficiency

Outstanding filterability is combined with rapid air release in modern turbine oils. Consequently, operations can get maximum performance from their turbines, day in and day out.

Protection under heavy loads

Advanced turbine lubricants also offer exceptional capacity regarding load carrying. As a result, enterprises can receive dependable performance in terms of lubrication even under the most severe or peak-load conditions and in cyclic peak-loading operations.

Fire-resistant performance at High-temperatures

Many lubricants suffer while operating at high temperatures and can even become dangerous. Some oils can become less effective or deplete faster when working at extreme heat while others become flammable and represent a fire hazard. However, state-of-the-art turbine oils thrive under thermal stress offering increased safety and performance in use.

Protection from corrosion and deposits

Finally, carefully selected additives in turbine oils are designed to minimise deposits on key components like bearings and filters reducing the risk of corrosion.

If your enterprise requires advice or the latest advanced oils from a turbine lubricant supplier it can trust, we can help. Contact Oil Store now to find out more.