CPI Fluid Engineering in Norway

CPI Fluid Engineering, or CPI for short, forms part of lubrication giant, The Lubrizol Corporation.

The organisation’s ongoing mission is to manufacture best-in-class engineering lubricants for a wide range of applications, involving energy and food production, to make a positive impact on daily human life.

While it provides fluid solutions for a diverse selection of industrial processes, and equipment from gears to vacuum pumps, it is also an expert in fluids for heat transfer and refrigeration.

Among the wealthiest nations in the world, Norway is a country where industry flourishes. It is well endowed with a diverse range of natural resources including timber, petroleum, hydropower, minerals and fish. Vast reserves of natural gas and petroleum discovered in the 1960s led to Norway experiencing an economic boom, and today it enjoys considerable revenues from oil export and its success in the energy market.

To this end, Norway has always had a need for high-performance fluids designed to meet the challenges of a wide range of industries.

Built-for-purpose fluid solutions

CPI diligently works in partnership with companies in Norway, supplying both its technical understanding of engineering fluids with exceptional production capabilities, and outstanding support.

Its ambition is to continue to lend its leadership, experience and expert resources to help customers in Norway and other parts of the world reach their objectives and expand.

As a lubricant manufacturer, CPI has risen to become a world leader. It has earned respect from producing three of the top brands of refrigeration oil (Solest, Emkarate RL, Icematic) and the leading heat transfer brand, Paratherm, which it acquired in 2012.

Serving the world with fluid solutions

CPI Engineering Services was obtained in 1996 by the world’s biggest lubricant additive maker, the Lubrizol Corporation.

From its Headquarters situated in Ohio, the Lubrizol corporation’s vast network encompasses manufacturing operations in 17 countries. However, its reach extends globally through a massive network of technical offices, labs, sales office and warehouses.

Operating since the 1970s, CPI has built on its experience to specialise in providing innovative and high-performance engineering fluids, combined with valued customer support. A specialist in heat transfer and compression, it provides top-quality fluids to companies across Norway and beyond.

Where to order products from CPI Fluid Engineering in Norway

If your operation based in Norway needs a steady supply of lubricants from CPI Fluid Engineering, you can look to Oil Store for support.

The CPI Fluid Engineering brands are:

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