Paratherm Tip Sheets

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Here you will find a collection of handy tip sheets and whitepapers from Paratherm covering everything from System Startup & Shutodwn, to detecting leaks and water in the system

Proper System Startup

Proper System Shutdown

How to Turn Your Thermal Oil System into a Fire-Free Zone

Tuning Your System

Regular Fluid Analysis

How to Drain, Charge, & Restart Thermal Oil Systems More Efficiently

Preventing Water in The System

Removing Water From The System

Detecting Water in The System

Detecting Thermal Fluid Leaks

Minimizing Thermal Fluid Leaks

Leakage and Combustion Issues

Fluid Analysis:
When and How

Maximize Fluid Life 1:
Film Temperature

Maximize Fluid Life 2: Oxidation

Maximize Fluid Life 3: Contamination

Fluid Properties Explained 1: Debunking Rhetoric

Fluid Properties Explained 2: Vapour Pressure

Fluid Properties Explained 3: Minimum Operating Temperature

Fluid Properties Explained 4: Maximum Fluid Temperature

Properties Explained 5: The Differences Between Lube Oils and Heat Transfer Fluids

Properties Explained 6: Thermal Oil Testing vs. Lube Oil Testing

Properties Explained 7: Colour

How to Troubleshoot Thermal Fluid System Problems

Thermal Fluid vs. Steam

Sludge - How to Prevent it

Recommended High Temperature System Components & Suppliers

Paratherm NF Heat Transfer Fluids

Paratherm HE vs. Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids

Fluid Degradation Causes & Cures

Flash & Fire in Hot Oil Systems

Cleaning, Flushing, Draining & Charging Your Thermal Oil System

Minimizing Fire Risk in Thermal Oil Heat Transfer Systems

Expansion Tank Blanketing System

Analysing Your Fluid

Thermal Stability & Maximum Temperature Ratings


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