Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC 224 – 20L




Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC 224 is a synthetic, high performance lubricant. It has been tailor made for use with heat pumps and refrigeration compressors. The wax-free formula contains synthetic hydrocarbon polyalphaolefin (PAO) fluid, which offers superb resistance to the degradation caused by oxidation or extreme temperatures.

This lubricant can cope easily with the high demand conditions that mineral-based oils often struggle with. The fluidity, even at low temperatures, paired with the high viscosity ensures this oil’s performance.

There are low levels of miscibility and solubility when used with refrigerants, even under intense pressure, which makes for a lubricant with higher film thickness plus less leakage of the shaft seal.

The incredible stability and reduction in volatility reduces the ‘light end stripping’ that can happen. This product can therefore help to better the operational efficiency of machinery and lower the loss of friction.

Refrigeration compressors that operate at extremely elevated temperatures are one of the ideal applications. This lubricant is also perfectly suited to systems that have very low evaporation temperatures.

This oil is suited to compressor systems that use refrigerants like carbon dioxide or ammonia. Their performance when used with R-12 or other CFC refrigerants has been proven. It is also compatible with other refrigerants, except sulphur dioxide.

Mobil’s superior lubricant can be combined with mineral oils – however this could reduce its supreme performance level.

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