Mobil Rarus 827 – 5UGL




Mobil Rarus 827 is a high-performance air compressor oil. The synthetic formula is specially designed to lubricate very heavy-duty corresponding air compressors. The exact requirements of the major manufacturers have been at the forefront of this formulation, and they have been devised to address the issue of mineral oil under-performance. This product can withstand far greater demand than its mineral oil counterparts, thanks to the specially selected base oils and advanced additives that help to protect compressors.

The formula of Mobil Rarus 827 supplies superior protection against oxidation, wear, thermal degradation and deposit build-up. This keeps equipment issues to a minimum, thereby reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Mobil Rarus 827 is intended to lower the risk of explosions or fires, as compared to their incidence with mineral oils. Deposits are virtually non-existent, and higher temperatures of internal ignition result in better performance and safety. Emulsification problems are reduced because of the superior water separation abilities, minimising downstream deposits as well as carryover. A significant number of the market leaders in compressor manufacture therefore endorse the use of this lubricant.

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Weight 20 kg