Mobil Rarus 829 – 5UGL




Mobil Rarus 829 is one in a series of air compressor lubricants offering supreme performance. This synthetic oil is highly capable of lubricating extreme duty interchanging air compressors. The product has been formulated to meet the demand for a higher performance lubricant that can outperform conventional mineral oils. Major compressor manufacturers’ expectations have been key, so this formula can cope with an incredible level of demand. Compressors are also safeguarded due to the inclusion of specifically chosen base oils and special additives.

This lubricant also offers excellent protection from thermal degradation, wear, deposit formation and oxidation, helping to reduce operational costs because of lower equipment maintenance and repair time.

One of the main aims of Mobil Rarus 829 is to decrease explosion and fire risk, in comparison to mineral-based formulations. Higher visceral ignition temperatures make for improved safety as well as performance. The exceptional water separation ability and lower rates of carryover and deposit build-up result in less emulsification and associated issues. Many of the major compressor manufacturers advocate and approve the use of this high-calibre lubricant.

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Weight 20 kg