Morris Workshop Pro Premium After-Work Lotion – 10 x 1L

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Morris Workshop Pro Premium After-work Lotion is a light fatty skin care lotion that is dispersed easily and is absorbed quickly. It invigorates by actively drawing upon the immune system of the healthy skin and boosts the regeneration of affected areas of the skin. This keeps the skin healthy, supple and well lookedafter. Premium After-work Lotion contains a highly effective system of skin-friendly natural oils (sweet almond oil, peanut oil). Contains high-grade care substances, including: Natural a-bisabolol, an antiphlogistic substance consisting of camomile. This ingredient is effective against inflammation and harmful environmental influences. D-panthenol is a highly absorbent pro-vitamin of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). D-panthenol has an anti-inflammatory effect and aids wound healing, stimulates epithelialization, cell division and the growth of skin pigment. Keratin is a natural, high-grade protein that protects the skin. It keeps the skin moist and maintains elasticity.

Vitamin A increases the enzyme activity of the skin and increases epidermis, i.e. collagen. It also aids the regeneration of UV-damaged skin. Special moisturizers regulate the moisture in the skin and prevent the skin drying out.

Directions for Use:

Make sure your skin is clean and dry after completing work and then rub in thoroughly. Is suitable
for all-over body use. Regular application is necessary to keep the skin healthy.

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