Petronas Arbor BF-LHM – 20 x 1L



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PETRONAS Arbor BF-LHM is a high-grade mineral brake and hydraulic fluid designed for both construction and agricultural machinery. It offers braking efficiency and extended active service life. As a result, it is perfect solution to protect equipment from wear and tear, contaminants and other operating factors. It can also ensure that hard-working equipment operating under intense pressure and environmental conditions can avoid unplanned downtime.

Arbor BF-LHM from PETRONAS is suited to the hydraulic and braking systems of tractors and other farm machinery but is not mixable or compatible with synthetic brake fluids. It can provide numerous benefits to users. This includes reduced running costs, improved vehicle availability and increased business profits. It can deliver enhanced corrosion protection that protects metal-based components and excellent thermal stability at a range of different temperatures for stable fluid performance during its active service life.

It can also provide efficient lubricity that helps prevent squeak noise and can enhance the reaction time of the brake and hydraulic systems of equipment. An excellent elastomer, it also has good rubber compatibility, delivering longer component life while preventing the possibility of fluid leakage during operation. Finally, it can offer effective reaction time for systems thanks to its suitable fluidity, even at low temperatures.

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