Petronas Arbor Brake D4 – 20 x 1L




The PETRONAS Arbor Brake D4 – 20 x 1L is a superior-quality brake fluid that is designed specifically for machinery used in construction and agricultural applications. This high-quality brake fluid can enhance braking efficiency and offers extended active service life. Providing exceptional protection, it ensures tireless equipment performs at optimum and never suffers unplanned downtime. As a result, it is an ideal solution for machinery requiring long-lasting and high performance during intense daily work schedules.

A highly specialised brake fluid, Petronas Arbor Brake D4 is engineered for specific applications that involve the braking systems of construction machinery and farm tractors, along with other vehicles used in the agricultural sector.

Arbor Brake D4 from PETRONAS can enhance vehicle availability and business profits while reducing operational costs significantly. It has improved corrosion protection that protects metal-based parts and excellent thermal stability, delivering stable fluid performance during service life. It also delivers effective lubrication to improve mechanical system reaction time and mitigate noise. Furthermore, it is a good elastomer, and its outstanding rubber compatibility works to prevent fluid leakages and extend component life within brake systems.

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Weight 20 kg