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Thanks to being a dual-thickened lithium–calcium grease, the functional smooth-texture, polymer-based PETRONAS Grease GEP 25 combines the performance benefits of both calcium- and lithium-based greases. It also includes additives for solid friction reduction and is suitable for extremely heavy-duty applications.

It can effectively protect equipment in a wide variety of settings thanks to a number of desirable qualities. For example, it adheres well to metal surfaces in order to reduce drip- or run-off due to both centrifugal and gravitational forces. It boasts a lengthy operational life even under relatively high temperatures while still being dispensable at low temperatures. In addition to inhibiting rust formation and providing superb wear performance, this grease’s distinctive polymer-based, mixed-soap thickener helps it resist water spray-off and wash-out, even in outdoor environments and indoor settings where washing fluids may include mild alkalis and acids or brine.

In general, PETRONAS Grease GEP 25 is aimed at industries where heavy-duty lubrication is needed under challenging environmental and mechanical conditions, such as water and dirt contamination, vibration and shock loads. Some example sectors include mining and quarrying, steel, chemicals, paper and cement, where it can be used to lubricate components like open gears, sprockets, wire, racks, tracks, chains, ropes, slides and rollers.

PETRONAS Grease GEP 25 is especially recommended for lubricating fifth wheels, but it is also highly suitable for lubrication in high-temperature applications, such as the slides and other components of oven conveyor chains, the bearings and gears of soot blowers and trolley axles in high-temperature kilns. It can also be used as an anti-seize compound and to lubricate the rails, flanges, and pantographs of electric locomotives and trolley buses.

In addition to providing exceptional load-carrying and anti-wear properties with a low oil bleed, this ecologically acceptable grease has a strong film thanks to its polymer-based formulation while providing superb protection against the negative effects of water, such as wash-out, corrosion, and rust. It also features friction-reducing solid lubricants to provide sliding surfaces with additional protection, all while being easy to apply with a grease pump or gun, paddle, or brush and suitable for use in operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to +130°C.

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