Petronas HPX 20W-50 SJ




PETRONAS HPX 20W-50 SJ is a high-quality lubricant made with a semi-synthetic base that can ensure first-class performance in vehicles with high mileages. Its formulation features a viscosity grade of SAE 20W-super50, and it has obtained certification from major international auto manufacturers. Due to its unique formulation, it regenerates engine-enhancing performance, making it well-suited for vehicles preparing for mandatory MOT testing.

HPX offers an innovative viscosity grade within the reference range of 20W-50 and has a kinematic viscosity level that is a characteristic of lubricants with outstanding viscosity. It has a dedicated reconditioning function that limits emissions of exhaust gases, allowing it to remain stable at high temperatures, while limiting evaporation for effective engine regeneration. Additionally, its properties regarding cleansing and stability are supported by international specifications (ACEA A3/B2 and API SJ/CF).

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