Petronas Urania 5000 LS-FE 5W-30 – 200L




PETRONAS Urania 5000 LS-FE 5W-30 – 200L is an expertly formulated, full synthetic engine oil enhanced with StrongTech technology. The oil is designed to offer extended strength duration by forming a dependable fluid film that can lengthen engine life and time between drain intervals while offering maximum performance levels.

This advanced full synthetic solution is engineered for use with the most recent developments in heavy-duty diesel engine applications. For instance, it is an excellent match for high output, low emission and modern types of emission control systems onboard that are utilising DPF, EGR, DOC or even SCR technology.

Urania 5000 LS-FE 5W-30 – 200L from PETRONAS is a synthetic oil with multiple benefits for operators. It can maintain maximum levels of viscosity while offering premium lubrication to avoid mechanical breakdowns. It also offers prolonged engine service life through outstanding deposit and corrosion control, preventing contamination and damage and increasing engine durability. It provides excellent protection for engines with emission after-treatment systems, and it has been proven to improve driver experiences by eliminating any soot build up that is a known cause of horsepower loss.

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Weight200 kg