Q8 Rembrandt EP1 – 12.5KG




Q8 Rembrandt EP1

As part of Q8’s Rembrandt EP series, the Q8 Rembrandt EP1 is a multi-purpose grease that is lithium-based and has been manufactured using extreme pressure additives. This technology assists in preventing rust and oxidation within both industrial and automotive applications.

The product has many key features that makes it one of the best greases available and first choice for many. These features include:

Good performance in high temperatures

Rembrandt EP1 has been crafted to perform to excellent levels, even when it has been exposed to conditions where the temperature is in excess of 130°C.

Protective characteristics

This grease is well-known for its outstanding anti-wear properties, specifically when it is used with machinery with bearings exposed to conditions with heavy shock loads and excess vibrations. As well as this, Q8 Rembrandt EP1 will provide a sound level of protection against the formation of deposits and rust, and this includes environments that involve water.

Lower maintenance costs

These protective characteristics allow machinery to function with a lot more stability, and as a result, this can lead to a longer service life. This also means that there is reduced amount of machine downtime and maintenance costs.

What are its main applications?

Q8 Rembrandt EP1 and others in the Rembrandt EP series are highly recommended for use in applications in the industrial and automotive sectors with anti-friction and plain bearings.

This product is also well-suited for use with heavy shock loading conditions, such as those experienced in construction, mining, quarrying and excavation.

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With its excellent protective qualities and being well suited for use in a variety of applications and industries, it’s no surprise that Q8 Rembrandt EP1 is a popular choice. Oil Store has this product available to purchase, so why not get in touch with our team to find out more?

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