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A guide to food safe oils

The choice of oil is crucial when food is being prepared, as any lubricant must be food safe. This is because the produced foods will be sold to the public, and the oil used during processing has a chance of coming into contact with food. For this reason, leading oil suppliers such as Fuchs and Mobil produce food safe greases and lubricant formulas that will satisfy all possible food production requirements.

Legislation has been laid out by the government of the UK, as well as other countries, in order to protect public health. This is why only the best quality food safe oils will be appropriately certified. This applies wherever there is even the smallest chance of the product coming into contact with food. Typically, food safe lubricants will be NSF certified and registered and thus approved for use during food processing operations. FLT Quality Standards also apply when such oils are formulated.

Various food safe lubricants are suited for use even at extremely high temperatures like those typically found within beverage and food processing and packaging environments. Additionally, food safe greases and oils include lubricants of the finest quality that are specially designed for compatibility with certain types of processing equipment, such as the kinds of hydraulic, gear, bearing and compressor systems that are used.

Mobilgrease FM 222 is an example of a top quality product designed for food safety. This white oil-based formula has incredible mechanical stability, ensuring exceptional lubrication for various machinery. This applies for a huge range of operating temperatures, between -20℃ to 150℃. The grease also offers an impressive level of resistance to water washout. This lubricant, like other food safe oils, is approved for use within plants where incidental food contact could occur. It also meets environmental standards.

Mobil also produce the SHC Cibus range, lubricants that have been specially designed to protect food production machinery and help to ensure smooth operations. SHC Cibus oils can be used at high or low temperatures, and cope very well with heavy loading or higher washdown applications. These oils also ensure low traction coefficients, which leads to minimal fluid friction. The lubricants are colourless and have minimal odour, and are free from allergens such as gluten or nuts, as well as animal products.

The Fuchs Cassia range includes chain oil, fluids and greases, including silicone fluid. Fuchs Cassida Chain Oil 150 fluid and 500 spray, for example, are completely synthetic chain oils featuring an anti-wear formula. These products are designed for the lubrication of drive and transport chains used within food production plants. The Cassida Fluids from Fuchs, meanwhile, are high-performance synthetic gear lubricants boasting superb anti-wear properties that are tailor made for use within food production, and the Fuchs Cassida Grease range comprises a selection of heavy duty lubricants for lubricating equipment used for food and drink production and packaging.

Using the right food safe oils can improve equipment efficiency, lower power consumption and prolong machine life, while specially selected additives improve oxidation stability and also provide protection against corrosives and wear, maintaining clean systems even within aqueous environments.

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