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An introduction to Millers Oils

A leading lubricant manufacturer with independent status, Millers Oils has been making and blending specialist lubricants since the late 19th century from its dedicated site based in the northern England’s county of West Yorkshire.

Millers Oils has always prided itself on its independence and awards won for innovation, which have allowed it to devise unique solutions and maintain maximum levels of flexibility to serve the exacting needs of its customers. At present, the lubrication manufacturer is supplying more than 5,000 dedicated distributors and product users throughout the United Kingdom. It also has an extensive network of international distributors that extend the reach of the Millers Oils supply line all across the world.

In the following passages, we’ll explore this West Yorkshire firm’s origins, its achievements and delve deeper into the different facets of its current operations that have been developed and honed to perfection so it can serve an extensive array of markets in need of high-quality oils.

Important milestones for Millers Oils

The founder of Millers Oils, John Watson Miller, first took ownership of the enterprise back in 1887 for £265. Two years later, it was Miller himself who wrote a letter directly to all his new customers, spreading the word that the company’s name would now be called “Millers Oils.”

The letter also contained his famous quotation regarding Miller’s Oils:

“The quality of my oil will be rigidly adhered to.”

The Millers, as a family, were already renowned for playing a pivotal role within the oil enterprise, and the company’s thirst for success had continually been the driving force for innovation. Among the Miller family’s first series of successes was supplying gear oil to Ford Motors. Over its rich and lengthy history, Millers Oils has made considerable progress, creating acclaimed innovations and products that have received multiple awards – however, it has always remained faithful to its origins. Since it was first founded, the company has retained its roots in West Yorkshire’s Brighouse.

In 1901, Millers Oils achieved its first major success, producing the first ever instance of engine oil with long drain interval designed specifically for trucks. In 1920, it then launched what became known as its flagship product, Pistoneeze, which is still sold today as a multigrade engine oil for classic and vintage vehicles that aren’t suited to modern solutions.

The year of 1950 saw Millers Oils move to assist British industry by developing a new range of lubricant for textile manufacturers, which was designed to help them save power and reduce their running costs. In 1973, a pivotal moment took place in the expansion of Millers Oils, when it added an extension to its blending site valued at £75,000, which increased both its work capacity and generated output.

In 2008, Millers Oils shot to auto-mechanical fame, with its the award-winning, ultra-low friction gear oil, NANODRIVE, launched that year. Spurred on by its successes, the firm launched a brand-new research and development centre three years later in 2011 to devise further oil innovations. One year later, the company’s efforts were rewarded when it won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade.

Millers Oils launched its service partnerships in 2017, dubbed “Millers-Xtra Premium Autocentres”, and re-launched its Millers-Xtra Fluid Management service.

Today, Millers Oils continues to produce and blend high-quality oils to serve the lubrication requirements of a wide range of markets, including passenger cars, classic vehicles, motorsport, off-highway and agriculture, industrial, processing and commercial vehicles.

A streamlined operation at Millers Oils

To keep innovating and serving its customers across the globe, Millers Oils has established dedicated departments that meticulously manage every part of its operations, from product research and inception to keeping its clients well-informed and served efficiently.

In-depth research and development

Millers Oils has a lab onsite at Brighouse, fully equipped for testing across all individual product sectors. Having this capability not only allows it to both formulate and extensively test its oil-based products to make certain that all specifications are satisfied, but it also assists Millers Oils in developing new innovations in lubrication technology.

Support and service customers can count on

Millers Oils has set up customer service and support that is considered second to none. With designated sales teams assigned to every business sector covered, specialist support to customers is always assured. For more complex enquiries and product troubleshooting, a technical help centre is also on hand. For businesses seeking a preventative maintenance plan, Millers Oils also offers services for condition monitoring and analysis for used oil.

Operational facilities and cutting-edge logistics

The main site of Millers Oils, based in Brighouse, offers impressive logistics and warehousing facilities for all its customers across both England and Wales, while another site is situated in Cumbernauld in Scotland. Millers Oils also has its very own dedicated fleet of delivery trucks, while working alongside reputable logistics firms to ensure it can always deliver flexible shipments that remain on schedule when necessary.

Values of the Millers Oils brand

Millers Oils is committed to providing the highest levels of both services and products to its customers and is constantly striving to develop new innovations. This process is driven by working alongside its customers across the world, understanding their operations and needs and adding value to their enterprises. Always operating with integrity is the cornerstone of the Millers Oils brand, and it is dedicated to being socially responsible and using ethical approaches in all its endeavours.

Its continuing goal is to be recognised as the first choice when an industry specialist in lubrication and fluids is sought after for a preferred partner, and to continue to perform as best in class when it comes to people, programmes and products.

Moving from strength to strength, Millers Oil continues to build on its notable reputation as a producer of premium oils supplying lubrication solutions far and wide on an international scale. Enterprises operating in a diverse range of industries are now relying on these dedicated solutions to keep their site equipment, automotive and plant machinery engines and other mechanical devices functioning at optimal capacity, as Millers Oils continues to expand its range of exceptional products for multiple applications.

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