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BP launches consultation on H2Teesside

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Energy and lubricant company BP has announced that it has begun a six-week consultation with the local community for its proposed H2Teesside development in Teesside.

H2Teesside will be the country’s largest facility for producing blue hydrogen with a planned capacity of 1.2 GW. Like grey hydrogen, companies such as BP make blue hydrogen using natural gas, but most of the usual carbon emissions will be captured and sequestered in underground reservoirs. The produced low-carbon hydrogen will then be used in hard-to-electrify industries, such as the steel industry and long-distance haulage.

During the consultation, BP will invite feedback from the community about its preliminary project design. The company will then incorporate this into the final design, before applying for permission to construct and manage the plant. The consultation will officially end when midnight strikes on October 27.

BP’s UK head of hydrogen, Matt Williamson, said the company was helping the country and Teesside in particular to decarbonise its transport and industry by supporting hydrogen, adding:

“H2Teesside is a key part of our plans to help build the region into the UK’s leading hydrogen hub. We’ve been greatly encouraged by the interest from the community and stakeholders in our recent consultation on HyGreen Teesside and we are now looking forward to hearing people’s views on these proposals.”

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