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BP opens three-megawatt EV charging hub

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BP’s EV charging business, BP Pulse, has opened its most powerful charging hub so far at a site in Northamptonshire.

The new hub comprises 10 chargers, each capable of charging two electric vehicles (EVs) at 150 kilowatts for a total of three megawatts. The rapid chargers can charge up to 20 EVs simultaneously, allowing them to gain around a hundred miles of range for every 15 minutes.

BP Pulse UK’s Vice President, Akira Kirton, expressed her company’s delight at establishing a new hub, especially with it being the largest one so far, adding:

“Customers say power is more important than the number of charging points. That’s why we’re focussing on expanding our ultra-fast charging infrastructure, using the latest technology to ensure reliability, and designed to keep up with the charging speeds of vehicle batteries as they advance.”

Kirton also pointed out that BP Pulse believes in delivering charging for EVs at the right speed, time and location to give the UK the charging network it needs. Nevertheless, the new hub will not remain BP’s largest for long. The company is also building a 4.8 MW charging hub in the West Midlands, with this one being capable of charging 32 EVs at once through its 16 300kW rapid chargers.

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