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BP’s Argos platform begins production

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UK-based energy giant BP has announced that its Argos platform in the Gulf of Mexico has successfully begun producing crude oil.

BP already has four producing platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. When operating at full capacity, the Argos platform will produce as much as 140,000 barrels of crude oil each day, increasing BP’s production capacity in the area by 20%. BP intends to systematically and safely ramp up production at the platform over the course of this year.

The Argos plan forms a prominent part of BP’s plan to extend the life of the Mad Dog super-giant oil field. Thanks to being equipped with digital technology and BP’s proprietary waterflood injection technology for enhanced oil recovery, BP claims the barrels produced at Argos will generate higher value at lower emissions. This is in comparison to many of its other operations.

The chief executive officer of BP, Bernard Looney, hailed the Argos start-up as:

“…a fantastic achievement that helps deliver our integrated energy strategy—investing in today’s energy system and, at the same time, investing in the energy transition. As BP’s most digital facility worldwide, applying our latest technologies, Argos will strengthen our key position in the Gulf of Mexico for years to come.”

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